Bag Test Results

Extensive testing done by an independent food scientist with the Keep Rite® produce storage bags
 using produce purchased at local supermarkets showed these results:

Test Summary

“In general the shelf life achieved for produce items placed in Keep Rite® bags was consistent with that projected by KeepFresh Packaging Inc.  The greatest benefit was for peppers, tomatoes and strawberries where the benefit was very obvious.  The quality of grapes at the time of purchase was not great and perhaps partially the reason for less than obvious differences between Keep Rite® and the control.  However, texture of the grapes was better maintained in the Keep Rite® bag than the control.  The quality of lettuce was maintained through the advertised 9 -11 days of shelf life.  Although lettuce held in Keep Rite® bags did exhibit better texture and less brown stain of the ribs, there was little differentiation in appearance. Keep Rite® bags retard the progression of bananas to sugar spot and remain usable up to 8 days.Moisture can be an issue but in most cases the bananas will have been consumed prior to this.”

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The performance of the Keep Rite® bags will vary depending on the quality and freshness of the fruits and vegetables placed into the bags