Always buy the freshest produce! Sometimes produce is bruised or damaged during transport, but not visible when it is purchased. This is often the case with bananas, tomatoes, bell peppers, grapes and certain berries. The bruised sections will ripen more quickly giving the impression that the Keep Rite® bag is not performing well. This is not the case!

You can always judge the freshness of grapes by the stem. The greener, the fresher !
One bad berry spoils the whole bunch! Mould spreads quickly and contaminates nearby food. Check the produce stored in Keep Rite® bags regularly, and remove any damaged sections or items to avoid contaminating the whole package.

Note: Keep Rite® bags can also be used for camping, day trips and travelling. Be sure to refrigerate if required. Keep Rite® produce storage bags are not designed to be placed in a freezer or microwave.